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Hi, I'm Tank


Father, nerd, dreamer, learner, musician, traveler, designer, audio engineer, creator, and writer.

I'm currently located in the middle of nowhere (but I grew up here so it's OK). I'm a travel geek, so I don't have any problem visiting somewhere new. Or somewhere old. Or anywhere.

Here's How-To

Go to the Brave Swag Store and pick out what you want. Make sure you find all the options of you want (shirt size/colors, etc.) and make a note of it. Then, head back here and put in your order.

You will then get an email from me confirming your order and details. Included in that message will be an address you can send payment to, and the exact amount of said crypto to pay (the amount of your order plus a $.50 fee for me).

The future is digital, my friends.








Fill out the form here to shoot me an email. If that's not quite your speed, follow the Twitter or Facebook links and send me a message there.